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    February 25, 2013
    5:00 - 6:00am PST  

in the afternoon, we will have passing clouds, sun shine, and not so warm as yesterday, low-to-mid 60's away from the beaches where we are in the mid-to-upper 50's. >> if your travels take you across the golden gate bridge it is a beautiful ride with two lanes southbound, and they will reconfigure that so you will have four, for the morning commute and it is smooth sailing and light conditions. highway 87 has a headlight headed in the southbound, and this is northbound direction, the tail lights headed to 101 and 280 through san jose moving nicely beyond the pavilion and road work 580 until 11:00 with reports in the westbound that is the commute direction at greenville, some debris causing cars to pull over to the right shoulder so heads up there. >> one day soon you can sue car pool lanes without passengers in the car but it will cost you.
we are live to explain that. amy? >> would you like the ability to buy your way out of traffic? you can do that hire on 880 and transportation officials say the idea is going to be expanding. according to the "san francisco chronicle", transportation officials are moving forward with a plan to create a 550 mile network of express lanes. they have studies to do and figure how they will pay for it, how to get it the, how to collect the tolls but they do want to move forward with this. the idea is to get more use out of the car pool lanes which some complain are often empty or very lightly used. here is how the express lane works. car poolers use the lane if free. those who are not car pooling, but want to use them, can pay a toll for the privilege of driving in that lane. they do limit the capacity, the idea to keep it an express lane. the plan is to have 90 miles of
express lanes on interstates 80, 680, and 880, open by the end of 2015. >> oakland authorities are investigating the discovery of a body in the water near jack london square. a witness saw a body floating yesterday 20' from the shore. they are trying to identity of the body and the cause and circumstances surrounding the death. >> bay area rapper mc ham certificate due in court on charges of resisting arrest in dublin taking to twitter this weekend claiming he was the victim of racial profiling. a police officer on thursday approached him as he sat in a car at a shopping center and he says the officer asked him if he was on parole. the dublin police say the vehicle had expired plate licenses. he was arrested on charges of on stricting an officer.
>> this morning a group of people living in apartments near san francisco civic center are awaiting to hear when they can return home after a fire that broke out in a restaurant on the ground floor of the building. this photo shows the smoke filling the street and taking moments after the fire starts. the restaurant is located near particular corner here, at larkin. we hard the sirens and police saying "get out, get out." police saw the fire first. good for the police department. they do a great job and they helped us out. >> smoke, flames and water damaged at least eight apartments in the five-story building with no injuries reported. the red cross is helping those people who were affected to find a place to stay. >> the chancellor at san francisco city college is meeting in response to a protest over the we budget crisis.
student protesters got the meeting they wanted after a demonstration and campus rally demanding the board of trustees reverse cuts to classes and teachers and get a loan to avoid more cuts. city college is rushing to meet a march 15 deadline to keep accreditation but it must show they can take control of the budget to avoid being shut down. >> clean up is underway in hollywood after a balanced night at oscars, no major sweeps by any particular movie. and "argo" took best film and "life of pie" took four, and best actress to jennifer lawrence for silver linings playbook and best supporting actor for "jango" and anne
hathaway won for les miserables. >> and affleck beat out spielberg? >> he was justifiably excite. >> he was excited. >> is there excite in in the weather? >> there is going to be something out there to get excited about. we are in a quiet pattern as we have for the year. now, outside, you can see visibility this morning is pretty quiet. we have four miles at half moon bay and winds are not much from three miles to seven miles an hour so a little bit of a wind chill feeling a couple of degrees cooler. and it will stay low-to-mid 30's inland by 7:00 with low-to-mid 40's around the bay and the coast and passing high clouds today with a dry, cold front, temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's by noon and mid-50's at the coast but low-to-mid 60's this afternoon, and, then, the breezes will come, the louds will leave us and it will be mild this evening, but the
cooling will be quick at 48 degrees in the beach areas to mid-50's elsewhere. now, a look at what is happening the next three days, sunny and mild tomorrow, we are in the mid-to-upper 60's around the beaches and same if wednesday and stuck near 60 at the beeps and the beeps start to. what up and 64 on thursday and the rest of us are trying to get near 70 by thursday. sue? >> pretty quiet this morning monday. here is a look at the 80 berkeley commute to the macarthur maze a little bit of company here, but, really, moving at the limit, it looks good to the bay bridge and points beyond. eastbound 4 administration summersville, that is road work there in the lanes if another on minutes blocking the ramp and otherwise, westbound, the commute direction is looking good and the early accident, stall, c.h.p. was unclear on what it was, its has been cleared in pleasant hill.
>> thank you. next, the gowns. the tuxes. they are hung in the closest and the trophies are in the hands of the winners and we go to los angeles for the biggest celebration of the movies. >> what would the academy awards be without a party? we show you hollywood, and
>> we will take you to hollywood. celebrities hit the red carpet for the biggest night in hollywood. there were, as always, some prizes. now, we go to los angeles. >> good morning. we out here on hollywood boulevard where they are cleaning up and breakdown what took more than a week to put together. there was no big winner last night. no one really cleaned up. as expected, "argo" won best picture. this was little surprise that it took oscar's top prize. the director clearly humbled by the win. >> i never thought i would be back here and i am because of so many of you who are here tonight . >> hosted by seth mcfarland academy awards was part satire
and silliness. and part song and dance. ♪ just the way ♪ you look tonight >> daniel day-lewis portrayal of abraham lincoln earned the first best actor oscar. >> three years ago before we decided to do a straight swap, i actually was committed to play margaret thatcher. >> while best actress jennifer lawrence got her first. >> thank you! >> anne hathaway from les miserables was the favorite to win best supporting actress. and "unchained" took home best supporting actor and the big upset was best director winning for "life of pi." >> thank you, movie god.
>> there were musical tributes. "chicago." "les miserables." the 50th anniversary of james bond. with "sky fall" and adele scoring for best original song. sky fall got two, big deal for james bond, and "argo" got three and "life of pi" got four oscars . >> what a night. after the academy awards the big show, hundreds of celebrities flocked to the big party, the governor's ball, and tarantino made a top as did jennifer lawrence who won an oscar for best actress shaking hands with the chef. all the winers got oscars
statues engraved but the highlight was the meal catered by wolf gang puck. check out that spread which included many chocolate oscars. >> looks like the spread we have when we get here in the morning. >> you stop! >> only think missing was the cheese fountain. >> exactly. the cheese fountain. >> the academy awards actresses can eat after starve them they wills for three weeks straight. >> and whatever else they do to fit in those dresses. >> we have to get out? >> today, tomorrow, whatever day. get out there and were joy we have warmer weather on the way after a brief pull back today and tomorrow because of a dry cold front that is moving across the northern part of the state with no moisture to work with and live doppler 7 hd is dry. we will head to the north and there is the system and the end
of it right here and it is not real impressive looking line of radar runs from this system. we will talk about what is happening right now you can see a beautiful picture of downtown san francisco where it is 44 degrees, and it has dropped and oakland down is 47 and san jose is down to 36 and 41 in walnut creek and 35 at palo alto. today, we will have passing clouds with the cold front. that is it. it will drop our temperatures. it will keep it breezy along the beaches. clear tonight. cooler. it will modify quickly. high pressure will take over when it passes and bring us a slow warming trend. you can see the bulk of the moisture to our north two areas of high pressure trying to impede the forward progress and it is spinning the energy trying to breakthrough the wall. that is.we will not see any rain from the system but temperatures
closer to where it should be. low-to-mid 60's in the santa clara valley and gilroy is warmer weather today. 59 in millbrae and throw mid 60's on the peninsula and daly city is 57. sausalito is 59. through the north bay valley in the low-to-mid 60's and along the east bay shore low-to-mid 60's with san leandro a warm spot and hercules at 64 and 59 at san ramon and low-to-mid 60's for the east bay valleys. tonight, a possible frost inland and scattered and mid-to-upper 30's and low-to-mid 40's elsewhere. here is the accweather seven-day outlook tomorrow is like today, and we will start to see the warming trend a couple of degrees on wednesday before you know it we are near 70 around the bay on thursday and near 70 everywhere but the ocean when the warmth peaks on friday. >> the bay bridge on monday
morning, very light conditions. as you move into san francisco, a go time to come to the city as there are no delays in the bay bridge, whatever, and san mateo bridge, a few brake lights but otherwise traffic is nice to the peninsula and you are looking at 15 minute drive from hayward to foster city. from antioch, at the limit and looking good up and over into pittsburg and concord area, and still just under ten minutes for the drive. all mass transit at 5:18, everyone is off to a great start. >> 5:18. get out the sunscreen, the top spring break hot spots coming up. >> big victory for at&t and you will notice a big change. >> today on "katie" i am going inside my apartment to help me face my biggest demons, clotser has -- clutter has been a problem for me as i know it is for a lot
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>> welcome back. golden gate bridge has light traffic. sue hall is monitoring the traffic. >> the senate finance committee is ready to vote tomorrow on president obama's nomination for treasury secretary. the committee chairman announced the votes will be taken tomorrow of former white house chief staff jack lew's bid to head up treasury. he had tough questions during the confirmation hearing on the
short-time tenure at citibank and he has answered in a transparent manner. >> a faster wireless by at&t for an automobile through the new network that has faster data than the current onstar so g.m. can update wirelessly and big cell phone companies are branching ought into non-phone areas to boost business. >> gas prices keep going up but relief could be around the corner. here is jane king with the business report. >> gas prices are already marching higher. aaa says the average is $3.78 for a gallon of regular up 45 cents from a month ago and ten cents higher than a year ago. the price hike could end as crude oil falls and refiners cut
prices. investors are eyeing possible automatic government spending cuts that could kick in on friday and bernanke has testimony before the banking committee and the dow closed higher than expected because of hewlet-packard. and family and los angeles and las vegas and san way and cancun are the list of hot spots for spring break. it takes account activity, air fares and reputation for fun. that is the bloomburg business report. >> time for a look at the weather forecast. >> coming in this morning you didn't need to turn on your seat warmers, did you? >> it was fine. i generate enough body heat myself. mike? >> now, if you are traveling this monday morning, you can see along the gulf coast and back toward oklahoma and texas we have wet weather and snow starting to mix in and that is headed toward dallas and atlanta
so if you are traveling through those areas, check our flight checker, and at home, look how quiet it is to the northwest corner with a few radar runs. watch as the clouds and the radar fall apart as the system rolls through our neighborhoods today. it will keep the central valley in the mid-to-upper 60's and vine in monterey and partly cloudy in tahoe and vine, not a flake out of the system, and mid-to-upper 60's around san diego and los angeles and 73 in palm springs. >> the east bay where we have highway four westbound from antioch, and starting to slow. otherwise, it is good moving toward concord and pittsburg area. our app shows the central valley westbound 580, you can see activity here from 205 through the tracy area with heavy
traffic and reports westbound at greenville of debris in the lanes and eastbound road work could be slowing you as well, you can download this app on apple app and google play. >> developing news from the vatican this morning, ahead the cardinals' shake up happening days before pope benedict xvi resignation. >> four people including two children are miss off bay area coast. the search efforts to 90 the boaters and bring them to safety.
. >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> we thank you for waking up early and joining us. >> right now we have developing news. the coast guard is everyoning the dark waters off the san mateo coast right now for two adults and two young children. the four disappeared after reporting their sailboat was sinking. now, live from the coast guard. >> as the sun comes up, the search will intensify for the four people, a mother and father, their four-year-old son, and his young cousin. they vanished yesterday about 4:30 in the afternoon when the boat started taking on water. they made an initial distress
call to the coast guard. the coast guard was able to determine the boat was 65 miles off half moon bay. the 29' sailboat was sinking, and the electronics were failing and then they reported they had to abandon the vote which did not have an emergency beacon so that would have indicated their exact position for rescue crews to find them. this morning we spoke with coast guard lieutenant over the phone and she stresses the importance of having a plan before headed out on the water. >> you should always have a plan if you are going out or have some kind of plan, know that what your vessel is capable of doing, always have life jackets on board, always have beacon lights and always keep in contact with someone so someone knows where you are. >> the boat reportedly did not
have liferafts on board and it is believes the four or the parents tried to make a liferaft out of a cooler and a life preserver ring. the search will continue and will intensify as the sun comes up for the mother and father and two young children. >> the waters have to be incredibly chilly. >> they really are this time of the year at 52 degrees that is the water temperature. the seas are at 10' and the wins will pick up and say, around 15- to 25-miles per hour in the northwest so it will be worse as we head into the afternoon hours because of the cold front coming in and bringing in the faster winds along the coast. for the rest of us, it is quiet. you can see 38 in san jose and 43 in oakland and san carlos 41 and 38 in concord and 40 in
novato. we will have low-to-mid 60's and bay and inland and in the afternoon, mid-to-upper 50's at the coast and in the knowledge we will have the clouds clear and we will be around 43 to 50 degrees. sue? >> our only real area of concern right now is coming out of the central valley, we are seeing slowing as the commute is underway, but, also, we have eastbound road work three right lanes until 1:00 and that could be slowing things in the westbound direction because of rubbernecking, as well, so expect delays as you make your way into and out of the central valley and elsewhere we will look at san rafael, south 101 the headlights headed beyond the marin ymca and beyond the civic center everything is at the limit and at the golden gate bridge you will have four lanes this morning for the commute, and beautiful full moon, nice and bright and no fog and smooth sailing into san francisco. >> fremont police have arrested two people for a carjacking that turned into a police chase in union city.
it ended at the union shopping city where the driver crashed the mercedes and lit a half dozen other cars. a woman was hurt when she was hit by the suspect and was taken to the hospital. police arrested an 18-year-old man and woman both from oakland. >> the search continues for the prime suspect in a shooting on a las vegas strip that killed an oakland man. this is the man las vegas police are sending for, 26-year-old harris who shot and killed it is believed kenny cherry on strip after an early morning altercation. the police found the black range rover investigators say harris was driving. he has an extensive criminal history. >> the san carlo will merge their fire department with neighboring redwood city, and
will authorize the city manager to negotiate a contract. firefighters in san carlo will get a 14 percent increase and make the same. two years ago san carlo dropped the partnership with the city of belmont reducing firefighter pay causing some to leave. >> congress returns from recess to face a budget showdown that could result in automatic spending cuts. if an agreement is not reached by the end the week, that is. president obama will meet with the governors as they push lawmakers to avoid sequester which takes affect on friday. the president spoke to many of them during a white house dinner last night and the administration phones have released a state by state report of cuts in federal spending if they were to take effect over the next seven months. it is estimated that california could lose up to 225,000 jobs, $670 million each year in federal grants and more than $3 billion in defense and military
revenue. >> breaking news from the vatican. the pope has accepted the resignation of britain's senior cardinal who is citizenning down. he is accused of inappropriate acts in the relations with several former priests and is the latest leader to be tainted by allegations connected to the church's sex abuse scandal. he will not take part in next month's conclave to elect a new pope. pope benedict changed the rules of the conclave allowing the cardinals to start early if they arrive before the usual 15 day waiting period before the resignation and the start of the con cliff. the former ambassador bishop of san francisco will be answering questions about his trip to rome. he was appointed by pope benedict xvi in 2005 and part of his responsibilities at the vatican include reviewing sex abuse claims against priests. pope benedict's resignation is effective on thursday.
the pope gave the final sunday blessing in vatican city year as rumors swirled over the reason behind his sudden resignation. the propose gave thanks to an estimated 100,000 in st. peter's square on thursday as we mentioned he is the first pope to resign in 600 years. italian newspapers are speculating he is resigning because of sex and blackmail scandal is about to be made public. >> now the objection cars, affleck got top honors at the academy awards winning best picture and two other categories for "argo." i thank everyone in the movie, worked on it, did anything with the movie and i thank canada. >> it was funded bit c.i.a.? >> yes. >> the policemen about the 1979 daring rescue of american hostages in iran hiding out in the canadian embassy won for adapted screenplay and film editing. other winners include best
director for "life of pi" which took four awards. and daniel day-lewis for abraham lincoln and jennifer lawrence best actress for silver linings playbook and "unchanged" was best supporter an an -- anne hathaway. and a local couple won seats in a random drawing. >> so much more than we imagined. i cannot imagine the press from all ever the world being here. >> oscars are an international event with thousands of journalists coming from around the world to cover it including neighbors on the red carpets who are seen in 44 latin countries. of course they need food to eat, and wolf gang puck and his crew
turned out 15,000 plates for the governor's ball. and former president jimmy carter was president during the crisis and says the movie exaggerated the c.i.a.'s role in the hostage rescue. >> my judgment is that 90 percent of the kit for that heroic and brilliant move should have been with the canadians. the movie ignores frankly any contribution by the canadian. aside from that, it is a vivid, wonderful film. >> the former president spoke before the commonwealth club. >> the most interesting moment was when affleck's co-producer in the acceptance speech said what a wonderful film he directed. what a great job he did directed the movie.
>> because he did not win best director. >> time for a look at the forecast. >> wasn't even nominateed. >> good morning, everyone. the temperatures we just talks about are from two degrees cooler in concord than this time yesterday and the bay is six to seven degrees cooler and live more and napa 12 degrees cooler than yesterday. we are starting off not so mild with mid-to-upper 30's inrand and low-to-mid 30's at the coast. we will stay in the mid-50's at the coast and get breezy this afternoon and low do mid 60's is the 4:00 temperature for bay and inland, and we will be in the upper 40's to mid 50's headed through the evening hours. we will see a slow warming trend from here and by the time we get to thursday we are in the mid 60's at the coast and upper 60's to low 70's for inland
neighborhoods. >> good morning, everyone, pretty good for monday morning. you have company on 80, beyond golden gate fields, the 580 merge is bunched up but it opens into the macarthur maze and the bay bridge has a minor delay for cash paying folks and everyone else is moving through with no problems on the upper deck. bart and muni and caltrain everyone is off to a great start but ace train is running at seven minutes late as it makes its way toward san jose and the drive times right now or busy out of the central valley and highway four westbound toward concord and the east shore commute at 20 minutes from the cartinquez bridge. >> and a changing of the guard in cuba.
>> young local couple on a trip of the lifetime and they
santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and all bay area, this is abc7
news. >> this morning, palo alto police are looking for an armed man who tried to problem someone in a downtown parking garage. this is a sketch of the man wanted for the robbery attempt on friday night. the victim fought back and escaped and the suspect road away on a bicycle. police are investigating whether the suspect is involved in three other recent robberies in the palo alto area. >> reward is set up for a bay area couple who disappeared while traveling in peru. it has been a month since anyone has heard from jamie neal and garrett hand. co-workers of jamie neal have set up a reward fund for their whereabouts. flyers have been posted and the state department warned of potential kidnappings targeting americans in mid-february. >> i don't think they are just lost. i think something is wrong. >> we are functioning as a businesslike -- business, just
like normal but there is a cloud^. >> they hope the reward will grow and it is set up where anyone who wants to contribute can do so at any branch. >> trial begins in the worst oil spills in history. b.p. is on trial for the 2010 oil rig explosion that killed 11 workers and sank millions of barrels of oil into the gulf of mexico. if the prosecution proves gross negligence they could be fined up to $17 billion. the british energy giant has paid out billions to the u.s. government as well as to people and businesses hurt by the spill. been has pleaded guilty to criminal charges. >> the national weather service has issued blizzard warnings and watches through tonight as a 60 major storm bears down on the central plains with winter weather conditions crossing plains to the east and from new mexico to colorado over the weekend. the area could get nearly another foot of snow on top of what they got last week and some parts of the gulf coast and the
south are being warned about tornadoes. in utah driving conditions are so bad 16 people have crashed into, get this, police cars. >> looking at that, and thinking about our conditions, what a contrast, right? >> it will be spring like for us by the time we get to friday. so, we are just going do slowly build the warmth. it was great weekend. we will take a pull back in the temperatures and surge back forward tomorrow through friday. the week will be mild but not so warm as the week, with no rain and we are picking out a lot of dry air. we watch the storm moving to the north and it will stay that way. now, right now you can barely see the nearly full moon as we lack off to the west and high
clouds coming in with the next cold front. in san jose, it looks clear and democrat in santa rosa is 36 and napa is 34 and los gatos 35 and gilroy a frosty 31 degrees right now. as we head through today we will have passing high clouds with the dry cold front and it will knock a few degrees off the temperatures and it will be clear tonight and cooler than this morning and you could see frost inland tomorrow morning in the dry extended forecast with the warm peaking on friday. you will get a good long time with the car wash. the low to the north near vancouver the front moving through portland eureka and headed to the ocean. behind it, there is cold weather for tonight but we will start modifying that air mass tomorrow and well jump up the temperatures and that will be in the low-to-mid 60's in santa clara valley and headed up to the peninsula we start at 64 in machine low park and drop to 59 in millbrae and mid-to-upper
50's along the coast, breezy come paired to yesterday and vine in downtown and south san francisco and most of the north bay valley is in the low-to-mid 60's and santa rosa around 65 which is cooler than yesterday. low-to-mid 60's along the east bay shore with berkeley and hayward and fremont at 62 and mainly low-to-mid 60's east bay and san ramon cooler at 59 and tonight, the temperatures are mid-to-upper 30's i land with spotty frost and upper 30's to mid-40's around the bay shore. the accweather seven seven notice tomorrow's sovereigns are like today and we warm wednesday and by thursday we are at 70 around the bay. friday we are at 70's and inland you can see the temperatures pull back with more cloud cover saturday and sunday. sue? >> looking good if you drive from hayward to foster city and san mateo on the san mateo bridge a little bit of crowding in the middle of the flat section and you will see brake lights but to the high-rise you
will move at the limit at 17 to 19 minute drive from hards toward the peninsula. this is 87 headed in the north direction with tail lights northbound beyond the h.p. pavilion in san jose. it is looking good. slowing from the central valley we have road work in the eastbound, non-commute section because of rubberneckers and the three lanes are shut down you are looking at over 25 minutes to the dublin/pleasanton area. >> secretary of state, john kerry, kicked off the first official overseas trip meeting with british leaders in london. this new video as john kerry meets with british prime minister cameron with talks likely focusing on the crisis in syria and the nuclear program of iran, part of a thine day dash for john kerry through europe and the middle east. the administration is trying to salvage a syrian opposition conference in rome. some members of the divided
council are threatening to boycott. >> and ram castro is going to step down and tapped a 52-year-old as a top deputy ready to assume the presidency without disruption saying the country reached a moment in which it is ready to start transferring responsibility and power to a younger generation. this is the first time someone who did not directly take part in the 1959 revolution assumes such an important role. castro spoke before parliament on sunday. >> imagine a 9,000 amphitheater in your backyard, a san francisco neighborhood said they did not get any say in the new men view. >> the fate of quaterback alex smith could be decided. is he headed out of the bay area? california and global warning.
threat? everreaction? people are
>> multiple sources say 49ers have a deal to trade quaterback smith. there is speculation the kansas city chiefs are the other team in the field. they need a quaterback and the niners are not likely to pay him $8.5 million to be the backup for kaepernick but he cannot be traded until march 12 but a deal
is complete with an unidentified team. >> neighbors living near a planned outdoor concert arena on the san francisco waterfront are concerned about the size of the venue. this image shows the planned 9,000 seat amphitheater at pier 27 and pier 29. originally there were to be 4,000 seats along the embarcardero but this will host the opening and closing ceremonies for the racing series but residents worry about the impact of 40 concerts and other evens if their backyard. >> i feel helpless that there is nothing we can do and the decisions have been ahead and i don't think they care how the residents feel. >> the "san francisco chronicle" reports the amphitheater escaped scrutiny because the board approved changes that did not require public approval. >> now a few bay area connections to the oscars. the disney film "brave" won top
for best animated feature. lt. governor's wife hit the red carpet, executive producer on the "invisible war" gnome natured for best documentary and "beasts of the southern wild" with visual effects by san francisco university cannot walk away with the reward. >> california film institute in san rafael posted the longest running official oscar parties outside of hollywood and last night was no exception. the party took place at the theater which has instituted the party for 19 years so there were quite a few connections between this year's oscar winners and the movie house. >> we have a long list and introduced the first work "pushing hands" in the united states. >> best director was at the theater in october for the mill
valley film festival with a star of "argo." good place to be. >> now the weather forecast. tell us about the allergies. >> tree pollen is more prevalent and the warm weather is starting to burst the buds and you can see them around. they going to create issues so to speak. here is what is going on in downtown san francisco on the embark dairy, it is quiet. we are warmer in oakland at 63. napa at 64. redwood city and san francisco and san jose one to two degrees cooler-than-average. snow headed through texas, oklahoma and kansas. at home, everything is quiet but a few sprinkles knew eureka and it will become cloudy with upper 60's and 49 in tahoe and mid
60's in san diego and 73 in palm springs. >> we have a delay at the bay bridge toll plaza but no metering lights are on and just for cash-paying folks in the far left lane and minor delay for cash folks but otherwise it is nice on the upper deck into san francisco. a big rig with brakes on fire and this is in pleasant hill north 680 at oak park on the side of the roadway. and everyone but ace train one is still running at seven to ten minutes behind. >> 5:56. people living on the san mateo county coast can see light at the end of the tunnel now the two devil slide tunnels are almost ready for traffic. safety inspectors will check inside the tunnels on highway one which are scheduled to open soon and they will relays a narrow and crooked section of road that is often blocked. landing for a bypass began 50 years ago and the tunnel project
cost more than $430 million. >> a study may have you putting down the milk and butter this morning. researchers in spain assigned people to three different diets. after five years there was a 30 percent decrease in heart attack and stroke risk and those who ate a mediterranean diet based on olive oil, fish, fruits and vegetables and little dairy or meat. they were either obese or had diabetes coming into trial. >> a complaint bay area freeways are jammed and the car pool lanes are muchty, and there is a plan to open up the lanes. >> the academy awards was last night and we re-cap the big winners. >> later, replacing your wallet with a smartphone but is your privacy at
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> 5:59 is the time. we thank you for waking up with us after oscars night. probably a lot of folks are tired. >> is that the voice of experience? >> i stayed up. i had to see it to the end. >> now the weather forecast. mike? >> we will talk about live doppler 7 hd. no need for the wet weather gear. did you wash the car? we have a full week of dry weather to keep the car clean. this morning, we will talk about temperatures around the bay: 44 degrees, low-to-mid 40's with a few clouds. we have a dry cold front that will keep the high clouds around. low 60's in the afternoon and it will clear out by 7:00 and 54 degrees. inland you need a heavy coat it is cooler up to 11 degrees in some areas and mid-30's ander in the upper 50's by noon and
low-to-mid 50's by 4:00 with high clouds dominating and the clouds fade in the morning at 53 and on the coast it will be cooler and breezy so a brisk day. passing clouds this morning and 54, and breezy at noon and 55 and sunny and breezy at 4:00, and 53 and by 7:00, we are looking at cheer sky and 48 degrees. sue? >> we go to walnut creek and if the drive takes you to please appear legal and concord, southbound 680 the tail lights headed beyond the north main curb, i am seeing slow traffic at the 24 junction, but it picks up all the way down to san ramon valley and dublin with no delays either way. southbound we wealth headlights beyond lucas valley road, all the way to the golden gate bridge you have a smooth drive with a big rig with breaks on fire north 680 out of lanes but i don't see significant slowing and eastbound 580 we

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